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A professional cleaning services company that is dedicated to making your home clean and healthy for your family and the environment. The Full House Carpet Cleaning Pros will start by removing allergens, bacteria, and other harmful toxins from your home. When you have your carpets cleaned they will look good, smell great, and make you happy.

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  2. When we arrive, we will provide a free estimate, and review all your options.
  3. With your approval, we will clean your carpet and/or upholstery immediately following your estimate.

Residential Cleaning Services

Regular vacuuming and rental carpet cleaners not getting the job done? Cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner helps to keep your floor looking brilliant again. It’s like a car tune up but for your carpet and hardwood floors. Ask your carpet and flooring manufacturer how often you should have your carpets cleaned. This is important to know in order to retain your warranty.

Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental, Persian & Wool Rug Cleaning Services

You are not alone if you have wondered why you should have your area and oriental rugs cleaned or if the cleaning process is safe for your rugs. You chose your area rug because of a unique pattern, shape, or color style so that it blends with your decor. Every rug however will require special attention to ensure maximum durability and life span.

To answer your questions, YES, you do need to have your area rugs professionally cleaned if you want them to survive. There are many styles of common area rugs and expensive and delicate styles including Persian and Oriental rugs. Typically woven from wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, and other natural fibers and dyes, these require specialized trained and experienced carpet cleaners otherwise permanent damage will occur.

The best way to care for your area rug to keep it vibrant and fresh is to schedule a pick up or drop off rug cleaning company. Ask about the cleaning process so that you know that no product resides will be left behind when the cleaning is over. A gentle deep rug cleaning will remove dirt and allergens while still preserving the colors within the rug fibers.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Fabric Steam Cleaning

The fabric used in your upholstery is more delicate than carpet fibers. As result, the cleaning process is less aggressive in order to not damage your furniture. This is all the more reason to contact us immediately there is a problem.

Furniture Cleaning Tips:
Keep your furniture clean by vacuuming regularly, wiping down the leather with an approved cleaner, and having it professionally cleaned periodically.

You learned in science class that water and oil don’t mix. The oil from our bodies can get trapped into upholstery fabric like it does with clothing. Cleaning agents are used to break down body oils first before the cleaning process can remove the soil. Wait until you see the difference in your couch.

Do fabric protectors work?
Yes! they aren’t bulletproof but fabric and carpet protectors enable the fibers to repel food, liquids, and oils. For example, if you spill your glass of grape juice on your protected carpet, you have more adequate time to clean the accident up before it gets deep into the fibers. It also makes for easier vacuuming and reduces the amount of soiling in the carpet.

Pet Odor Removal Service & Control

Specialty Stain Removal Solutions

Offering professional pet odor treatment services because trying to remove that yellow stain on your own can create a permanent stain mark. Trained IICRC professionals are trained to treat urine spots and odors. Each must be treated separately because spots can be treated and removed while stains are forever.

Pee Spots:
The dyes used during the manufacturing process are acetic. When urine dries it becomes alkaline. When the pee hits the carpet dyes it creates a “burning” effect which makes the color yellow or brown. Unlike pilled soda, pee stains are chemical reactions to the dye!

Pee Odor:
The potent odor that you smell is bacteria. Your carpet is the best breeding ground for this bacteria because it is warm, dark, and dirty. To treat pet odor, several applications are used to treat both topical and sub-floor odors.

What makes a good professional carpet cleaning company?

A good carpet cleaner will leave you with a clean and happy home.

Five Reasons To Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Long lasting deep clean restores your carpets to fresh, like-new condition! And your carpets are DRY within hours – not days!
  2. Our IICRC Certified Cleaners use steam extraction process to kill germs, bacteria and dust mites on contact.
  3. Most thorough cleaning ever or it’s FREE with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Fair and Honest Pricing – No sales gimmicks or hidden costs.
  5. Unmatched Customer Service. Call us for all your carpet and upholstery needs. We answer the phone live. We return voicemails promptly. We treat our customers like royalty and go the extra mile!

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