Residential Furniture Upholstery & Carpet Stain Removal

Residential Furniture Upholstery & Carpet Stain Removal

wine stains, tea stain, coffee stains, ink stains on carpet and floor mats
24 hour emergency spot and stain removal service. *Some stains may be permanent.

Many home owners and pet owners are challenged everyday with the threat of an accident on the carpet. Worry no more because carpet cleaners are armed and can treat the stain using professional carpet cleaning methods that are proven to work.

Don’t live another day in fear. We don’t skip steps or cut corners. Call today and schedule our proven carpet stain removal services to remove the spots in your carpet.

Specialty Stain Removal Service

When stains happen we’re here to help. We offer a area rug carpet cleaning system and stain removal services nationwide and are experts at the stain removal process. Don’t worry, it happens to most people no matter what precautions you tried to protect your carpet.

Permanent Stains?

Carpet Stain Removal Service – The Stains We Remove

stains on carpet and chair upholstery
Professional Stain Removal Services for Carpet and Upholstery

We are often told by people that they had their carpets cleaned by other companies before and none were as polite and professional as ours. We take pride in this because we love to use state of the art equipment that does all of the heavy lifting, making the carpet as good as new.

Check out the top 5 Specialty Stains We Remove:

✓ Red Wine & Red Juices – stains from red wine and juice cannot be removed with store cleaners. We can remove the entire red pigment without damaging the carpet.

✓ Coffee – Say goodbye to coffee stains as they are removed from the carpet and upholstery.

✓ Grease, Oil and Tar – watch as grease stains from oil and tar vanish after using some intense heat and the right cleaning products.

✓ Blood and Biological Material – remove blood stains directly from the fibers using solvents that break down and extract the dried up fluids.

✓ Pet Stains – those special surprises will vanish as we remove pet stains from the carpet and followed up with our carpet odor removal service as necessary.

Now when we’re asked Can professional carpet cleaners remove pet stains? The response given is: Yes! Absolutely! Kiss that stain good bye!

Carpet Discoloration

Carpet discoloration is a result of unseen dirt and grime. Exposure to direct sunlight can also cause color fading. If you are looking to have clean carpet again, removing the dust and dirt that are stuck deep in the fibers is where to begin. Leaving them buried under the rug will create stains because other dirt and grime will be attracted to this dirt pools.

The good news is that regular vacuuming will help with carpet maintenance. However, it does not compare to a professional carpet cleaning system that is designed to remove dirt, stains, and odors from your carpet. Scheduling regular professional cleaning every other year will help your carpet remain free from the treacherous enemy that lies deep within the carpet fibers.

Carpet Protectors

After professional cleaning, you can elect to have an application of a carpet protector. The protector is applied to the over coat of the fibers creating a protective barrier on the carpet. This helps it to last longer and makes it easier to clean.

If your carpet was recently installed, there is a good chance that it has already been treated. Check your work order or contact the carpet supplier for confirmation. The protector will wear off over time after heavy foot traffic and normal vacuuming. Adding the protector after the cleaning helps to reestablish the carpets integrity once again. It will even help protect any stains from quickly setting in.

Carpet Deodorizers

Smells can enter your carpet whether you keep your shoes off or whether or not you have pets. An odor in the room can easily get trapped in your carpet and furniture. Whatever the source of the odor, our technicians are trained to find the source and use powerful odor eliminating solutions. Whether it is a cat or dog pee smell, sour milk, feces, or vomit we can help. We’ll have your carpets smelling fresh again in no time.

Questions on How to Remove Carpet Stains

Is it possible to remove old stains out of the carpet?

There are a mix of stain removal processes and treatment methods that fail to get the job done. This often leads to permanent damage to carpet fibers including discoloration. Thankfully you don’t have to live with old stains in your carpet forever.

The professionals here use a powerful carpet stain remover process that will treat stains properly using products that are made specific to the removal of the types of stain and followed up by our deep steam carpet cleaning service.

How do I get a stain out of my carpet?
First Clean up and debris and soak up as much liquid as possible by blotting or scooping the wet area with a paper towel or dry cloth. Then try some warm water and a clean cotton dish rag to scrub the affected area. If necessary, you can try mixing 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp of the blue Dawn dish soap and warm water, apply the liquid solution and let sit for 5-10 minutes. The clean and dry the spot with a dry towel and the stain is completely removed.

How do you get old stains out of carpet?
This method can be effective depending on the type of stain. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. Then using a combination of white vinegar and warm water, scrub the area with a cotton cloth. Dry the area with a towel and use a vacuum over the spot. One customer mentioned this worked on a 3 year old stain.

Do carpet cleaners remove stains?
Carpet cleaner machines such as the spot bot can be effective. Do not use rubbing alcohol directly on the carpet however.

How do you get dirt out of carpet?
The best way to get dirt out of the carpet is to use your household sweeper to vacuum over the spot. If the dirt is stuck deep in the carpet fibers you can try using a comb or brush to loose the dirt. If it is mud, wait for it to dry and then use a plastic comb or the end of a fork, gently brushing over the dried dirt to get it loosened. Finish with vacuuming and using a buck of warm water to clean the spot.

How do I get pee stains our of the carpet?
Pee stains are some of the worst spots on the carpet. Many clients have mentioned using a water and vinegar solution. The best way for this method to be effective is to first soak up all the liquid using paper towels. Press down hard into the carpet, maybe using your shoe, to get as much liquid up as possible. Sprinkle a few table spoons of baking soda over the soiled area and then pour the water and vinegar solution on it. This will create a mini volcano that foams up and eat the stain away. *Caution, this could discolor or create a bigger mess on the carpet.

How long do you have to wait after carpet cleaning?
After your carpets or the isolated spot has been cleaned, the carpet can take 8-24 hours to completely dry. To speed up the process you can use fans to blow on the carpet, turn your heat up to help speed up the drying process.

How do you get red stains out of carpet?
There are a few methods out there to remove Red stains in your carpet from Kool aid or wine can be permanent. If the stain is stubborn or has been there for a while, try to do an initial spot removal test to see if it is going to work first. The mixture involves creating a cleaning solution from a variety of sources found in your home such as scrubbing bubbles, lemon juice, and club soda.

Remember that all stain removal suggestions are just that. We cannot be held liable for you ruining your carpet because you did not call the professional carpet cleaners first. Just saying!

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