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When it comes to carpet area rug cleaning, nobody is as picky as we are!

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Area Rug Cleaning

Taking the time to properly care for your carpet and rug cleaning is one of the best decisions you can make. If you take the time to stop and compare all the rug cleaners in your area, from simply cleaning your carpets, Persian and oriental rugs, area rugs, furniture upholstery or any fabric for that matter (from antique silk brocades to contemporary carpet fibers).. our service is unparalleled.

At Ultra Carpet Cleaning rug cleaning services, our people are experts not only in rug cleaning, but also repairs and specialized stain removal. Carpet Cleaning Services is committed to providing prompt and professional service in your area all year round!

We have developed our very own 6 step cleaning process that will make sure your area rugs are cleaned properly and safely. This blended system allows for us to inspect and address all of your cleaning questions and concerns.. and as always, you will get FREE pick up and delivery.

The most common type of rug problems:

  • Animal Stains
  • Dye Bleeding
  • Insect Damage
  • Rug Shrinkage
  • Shading/Pile Reversal

Your oriental and fine area rugs have significant value and should be treated as an investment. Studies have been done and have concluded that certain area rugs can hide dry soil to the amount of 87 pounds in your average 9 x 12 rug! We are the most respected oriental rug cleaning company in your local area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

How We Clean Your Area Rugs

1. Inspection:
While picking up your oriental rugs, we’ll take the time to mark any areas requiring special attention. A digital picture will also help us remember these trouble spots and concerns while cleaning in our shop. This is your way of know that nothing is missed and that a professional cleaning is guaranteed. For your protection, we will also tag your area rug with your ticket information so that nothing is ever miss-placed. Now we can store your rug for any extended stays get it quickly back to you when ready.

2. Dry Soil Removal:
Second, your rugs are thoroughly dusted to remove all the dry soil with our exclusive Rug badger machine. The Rug badger gently sends harmonic vibrations through the back of your rug. This removes soil that could never be removed using a commercial vacuum. All this while resting on a grid that allows the dust, dirt and debris to fall to the floor and away from your rug. Check out the video demonstration of a Rug Badger

3. Rug Bath:
Next, your delicate rugs are immersed in a clean wash bath. We gently clean your rugs to help loosen any hard to remove spots using cleaning solutions that are gentle to the rug fibers. All natural and synthetic rugs are cleaned using our systems to maximize the removal of all pet spots, oils or dirt form your rugs.

4. Rug Rinse:
After the washing is complete the rinse cycle begins. We rinse your rugs as many times necessary until the water is clear. This continuous flushing of soils and other contaminants is necessary for rugs with pet stains or other spills. Having a wash pit makes the rinsing process much more effective.

5. Drying Room:
After the cleaning is complete, we remove all excess water before we place your rugs in our drying room that is sealed off. This drying environment helps speed dry your rugs. The fringes are then detailed and your rugs are now ready for delivery.

6. Delivery:
We call you to arrange a convenient time slot to delivery your area rugs and put everything back just the way we found it. This process may take up to 5-7 business days from pick up to delivery.

We clean all types of rugs including Wool, Cotton, Synthetic, Karastan, Nylon, Persian, Olefin, and Oriental rugs.

Local Area Rug Cleaning Companies

Before and After Photo of an Area Rug Cleaning Job

The rug below was in a fire. This rug had very strong smoke damage, heavy soot everywhere and unknown to anyone was the possibility of burn marks from fallen debris. With proper cleaning techniques great results can be achieved.

rug cleaning before and after smoke and fire damage

We Care For Your Oriental and Other Specialty Rugs

The home decor you choose is an expression of your personal taste and life style. Your rugs are also an investment that you will want to keep looking like new. Gritty dry soil tracked indoors can scratch and cut rug fibers. The longer soil remains in your rugs, the more damage it causes. Extend the life span of your rugs by vacuuming high traffic areas daily to remove gritty soil and be sure to thoroughly vacuum all of your rugs at least once a week.

Oriental rugs are often more than floor coverings. They can be one of a kind works of art. They should always be taken to oriental rug washing specialists, such as Granville, which have the expertise and right tools to do the job. If you think your Oriental rug may be valuable, it may require additional special care such as re-weaving or other repairs.

Call the area rug cleaning experts at Cleaning Solutions that are
Safe for People and Pets today with any questions or to schedule a pick up time for your area rugs.

Frequently Asked Rug Cleaning Questions

How much does it cost to clean a rug?
We are insured to clean your rugs. This protects both you and us. Rug cleaning prices are based on the the size and amount of area rugs you need cleaned. Call us for an exact estimate.

Do you sell area rugs?
No. we do not sell area rugs at this time. We only clean and restore what you already own.

Do you sell rug pads?
No. For a custom fitted rug pag we can refer you to a local carpet padding manufacturer in your area.

How often should I clean my area rug?
This depends on how much foot traffic the rug gets. We recommened cleaning every 1-3 years. However, if you have pets or are a smoker, you should have your area rug cleaning performed frequently.

Do you guarantee pet odor removal?
In most cases yes. It depends on how bad the pet odor is and what it is from. We do not offer a 100% guarantee odor removal at this time.

Do you guarantee stain removal?
This also depends on whether or not the fibers have permanent damage. Call us immediately and we’ll give you a free inspection. In most cases we can help remove the stains or offer alternative solutions.

Is my area rug even worth cleaning?
That’s up to you and how much value or meaning the rug has to you. For many it’s personal. Some oriental rugs are irreplaceable. Some rooms are designed around the color and patterns of the area rug. It is often cheaper to clean or repair the rug than to replace it.

My Oriental rug has been in a fire. Can you remove the soot and odor?
There are many rugs that have been professionally cleaned and removed the soot and fire odor. We never give a 100% guarantee but do give our word we will give it a 100% effort.

Do you clean hooked area rugs?
Yes. We can help you clean the colorful rugs hooked that were hooked by hand.

Do you clean flokati rugs?
Yes. These thick and shaggy Flokati rugs are also known as Greek wool rugs.

Do you clean tribal rugs?
Yes. Tribal area rugs have vibrant colors and patterns. They have many unique features common to tribal culture. Give us a call today.

Do you clean Navajo rugs?
Yes. Flatwoven Navajo rugs typically do not have any fringes. The dyes are all natural so the cleaning process is very delicate.

Do you clean sisal rugs?
Yes. Sisal rugs are very strong and sturdy. They will last a very long time if cared for properly.

Do you clean silk rugs?
Yes. Although tightly woven together, silk rugs boast elaborate details of art and colors.

Do you clean Edward Fields rugs?
Yes. This is a popular manufacturer, Edward Fields. His rugs are also known as luxirous tufted rugs. They can be cleaned.

Do you clean Karastan rugs?
Yes. We can clean Karastan rugs. They are very similiar to oriental rug designs.

What is moth repellant?
Moth repellant is a protective coating that covers the area rug so that moths will not lay eggs. It is 100% safe for children and pets.

What is fiber protector?
A simple fiber sealant is used to prevent any new stains from becoming permanent. It is 100% safe for children and pets. It also has a clean fresh scent.

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