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A Professional floor cleaning service is the best option to maintain and protect the investment you or the previous owner made in your hardwood floors. Call 1-855-277-8904 for FREE estimate or fill out the form below.

Hardwood Cleaning and Finishing Services

Very few things will add Beauty to your home like a gorgeous wood floor but like all other flooring, traffic takes its toll and professional cleaning will be required to restore its beauty. Our wood floor cleaning process is completed it four simple steps. Not only can you see the difference, you can feel the difference.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Step 1: Visual Inspection
The first step is the visual inspection so that we can determine the type of finish that was previously used and whether or not it has been worn through.

Step 2: Repair
If there are any cracks, separations or gouges are found, these can be filled by using a wood patch. These can be custom color matched to blend with your floor.

Step 3: Cleaning
First, we apply our specialty wood cleaner. We then buff the floor to remove scuff and traffic marks off the old finish. This process makes the floor ready for the new finish to be applied.

Step 4: Finishing
We can apply a matte finish or semi-gloss finish for a shiny appearance while restoring the original beauty of your floor and protect it for years to come.

Try walking across your freshly cleaned wood floors in your bare feet

How to clean your hardwood floor – DIY

professional floor cleaner
Hire a professional to clean your hardwood floors

We have been cleaning hardwood floors for over 20 years and are often asked how to clean the hardwood floor. Today there is an array of products, for example, Bona makes a professional series that is available in all different sizes. From the largest commercial products to the smaller pet odor removal treatment items. Our favorite is the smallest commercial version and we’ll quickly explain how to clean your hardwood floor.

Step 1: Vacuum or dust the floor
The first thing you do need to vacuum or dust the floor. Bona makes a beautiful disposable pad that you put the green side up and it Velcro’s on to the very thin head for cleaning. This is an adjustable hole, very durable so will not break. What you do is you you clean the floor and you go back and forth, normally in the direction of the grain of the floor. This product will dust the floor.

Step 2: Apply microfiber cleaning pad
After the floor is dusted, you remove the disposable testing pad. Then put the Velcro microfiber pad on the end. This pad is machine washable can be washed up to 250 times. While the green side is down, Velcro on the top. Take a spray cleaner, for example, the Bona Professional Series, and spray it on the floor. Water is typically your enemy on a hardwood floor. Now this product is made of water but it has a drying agent in it.

Step 3: Remove tough marks and scuffs
Wash the floor with the larger head attachment because it is easier to push. Your floor will dry within seconds right before your eyes. It’ll take off all the dirt and grime. If you have a difficult, spot a heel mark a scuff of some kind, what we do is we spray a little bit of the Bona cleaner on there and using the white pad we just lightly scrub the spot until it removes the dirt and then dry it off with the microfiber cloth. That’s how you take care of a hardwood floor.

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Call today schedule your hardwood floor cleaning. We’ll remove the scuffs and spots that have built up over time and give your floor a deep cleaning. You will be amazed how vibrant your floors will look after they are cleaned and restored.

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Common Hardwood Floor Cleaning Questions

Can you clean Karndean Floors?
Yes. Karndean flooring is a practical floor solution and comes in a range of wood & stone effect vinyl tiles. We are happily able to clean and shine your floor.

Does your service clean Bruce Hardwood Floors?
Yes. We can clean almost any kind of hardwood flooring including pine, bamboo, oak, birch, and more.

When do floors need to be resanded?
If your floors have been worn through down to the bare finish it may need to be sanded.

Can you clean laminate floors?
Yes. We can clean and polish laminate floors.

After cleaning when can I walk on my floors?
Your professional floor cleaner will be able to tell you after he performs the initial inspection.

Will cleaning remove scratches and restore the color and stain?
Yes, in most cases. If the scratches on your floor are only on the top finish layer, the cleaning process should remove them. However, if they are in the wood or deep gouges, they might need to be repaired and re-sanded.

Do you offer a sealant to protect the floors after they are cleaned?
Yes. Maintaining your floors after we clean them will become much easier because of the sealant used to add a protective barrier. During the cleaning process all dirt and debris will be removed. Afterwards the floors will receive a maintenance coat soluiton that drys fast and will leave your floors look bright with a nice sheen.

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