Pet Odor Removal Service

puppy accident on carpet area rug
Pet Accident Treatment and Odor Removal Services

There comes a point in time when odors can no longer be ignored. Whether the lingering smells are from pet accidents, smoke, or chemicals, we are here to help. Our first step is to identify what is causing the odor and then create a plan to have it removed with no traces left behind.

Professional Cat and Dog Odor Removal Services

We remove nasty odors on a daily basis and have experience working in a variety of places including:

  • Apartments
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Workout Facilities
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties

We are confident that we can treat your space for any irritating odors and eliminate them for good!

Pet Odor Removal

Effective Odor Treatment
Using commercial odor removal solutions, the professional carpet cleaner will rid the foul smells and carpet stain removal from your flooring and upholstery. Odors are now fought using technology that can penetrate walls, floors, and furniture eliminating the smell at the source. This is a great way to get rid of smells caused by smoke, tobacco, pet, cooking, and fire.

Get Rid of Dog Pee and Cat Urine Smell

Trying to get rid of that cat pee smell or that awful dog urine smell? We love our furry friends but little accidents can result in major property damage. We are the experts that can remove pet urine odor from your home or apartment before you are ready to sell your home or your landlord tries to evict you.

Where did that awful odor come from?
Dogs have oily fur that attracts dirt and traps odors. The oil and smells then get on your carpet and furniture after the pet lays down. During the home inspection we will identify the problem areas and be upfront with you.

During the odor removal cleaning process you will often have the “wet dog” smell released into the air. This is because of the oily residue that is being released as it is removed from the fabric and carpet pile. Don’t worry, this will leave in a couple days.

Professional Carpet Deodorizer for dog pee and cat urine
Sprinkling baking soda over an accident or using a fresh scented spray around the room is a great way to fix the problem temporarily. But when the carpet gets saturated with these products problems will arise. The carpet deodorization process used by a professional will take care and eliminate any residues left behind and dispel the odors for good.

Dog Odor Removal

sleeping golden retriever laying on carpet
How to clean puppy accidents on the carpet

Dog lovers use odor control services after realizing most products advertised to eliminate odors are gimmicks. While some enzymatic cleaner or bacterial digesting products available from pet supply or janitorial services may work to an extent, some damage structural.

Carpet cleaning companies are great for cleaning carpets, disinfecting surfaces, and deodorizing areas of your home. But some stubborn dog pee odor gets trapped in the sub-floor, concrete, hardwoods, drywall, wall studs, and floor joists. Removing these types of structural odors involve floor sanding, grinding, drywall replacement and even carpet removal and disposal.

Most of the clients we have performed dog odor removal understand that the damage caused can be costly to remove and repair. We will conduct a professional odor home inspection first. This will give us a baseline so that you will have a 100 percent success rate of addressing the odor using the most effective and affordable solutions.

Cat Urine Odor Removal

Cat on the couch
Cute sleeping kitties don’t make messes!

If not dealt with immediately and properly, the odor from your pet accident or human incident will take over and have a negative impact on your health and sanity. Some smells are nauseating. When not cleaned fully, the pet will continue to repeat the incident because it does not know any better.

The unpleasant odor of pet urine in the carpet, dog poop, human pee, or vomit is an unsightly scene for anyone and can be traumatic. It will require a special cleaning agent beyond what normal household items. The longer you let it go, the more chance the odor and stains will move into the sub floor, studs, and concrete. Yes, it can damage the structure of your house or apartment.

To help you get rid of the urine and feces smell, call our specialized odor and stain removal team and they will help you tackle your worst nightmare head on. You will be able to sleep healthy and happy once we’re done.

Inspection Service

Nobody wants to buy or rent a place that smells like cat pee or dog urine. If you are the seller or renter this will cost you. The initial inspection walk-thru should consist of the following:

  • Black-light inspection
  • Pet urine detection
  • Pet odor detection
  • Structural urine odor & evidence of moisture damage

In the future, pet odor inspections are likely to become the standard for any buyer or seller. Regardless if you are a contractor looking to flip a house or a renter trying to avoid a dispute with the landlord, we can help.

If you are in need of a pet odor inspection or odor removal service, give us a call at 1-855-277-8904 to get a free quote and schedule servce for dog urine removal service before it soaks through to the sub-floor or the cat pee soaks into the concrete or hardwood floor. Neither are good situations to be in so call today!

Common Questions for How to Remove Urine Smell in Carpet & Furniture

How do I get dog pee stains out of my carpet?
Dog pee can be a very stubborn spot to remove if not treated immediately. The experts at Everyday Roots (resource: have come up with a few methods you can try on your own.

How do you get pet urine out of carpet?
The overall process is getting the spot as dry as possible and then using a mixture of white vinegar and white. Carpet cleaning machines like the Spot Bot can also be effective for small areas.

How do you get rid of urine odor in carpet?
The smell can only be removed if it is neutralized first. If not removed properly, pets will be attracted to pee in the same spot again. Try using baking soda to deodorize the spot followed up by a white vinegar and warm water mixture.

How do you get urine smell out of a couch?
First you will need to soak up the urine from the couch upholstery. If you can, sprinkle baking soda and leave sit for 5 minutes. This will help neutralize the stain. Follow similar process to removing carpet stains on your couch or chair.

How do you get dog poop out of carpet?
Dog feces is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and odors to spread rapidly. First, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Get some paper towels and pick the poop up and place into disposable trash bag. Use a pet stain remover (use on a test spot first) and scrub the area with a scrub brush or plastic bristle brush. Dry up the spot and then sprinkle baking soda on. Follow carpet cleaning methods to finish cleaning the soiled area.

How do you get the smell of human urine out of carpet?
Similar to other carpet and pee cleaning methods. Find a pet urine cleaning detergent to wash out the stain and smell.

How do you get cat urine smell out of carpet?
One of the strongest smells requires a strong enzymatic cleaner. This is a long process and will require several treatments if you attempt to do it yourself. If not done quickly, the feline will continue to use the bathroom where it has already sprayed.

Fast Affordable Service
The carpet odor removal specialist is sometimes mistaken as a scientist and magician combined. Many treatments can be permanently eliminated in less than two hours. This minimizes any disruptions in your home or office and will save you a lot of money and time from trying to eliminate odors on your own.

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