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Couch and sofa upholstery cleaning service

Upholstery cleaning services are ideal for cleaning dirt and stains out of carpet and fabrics found in your car, microfiber leather couch, fabric sofa, and chair using professional furniture cleaners and steam cleaning methods.

When the right steps are taken and the right cleaner is used, having professional couch cleaning services can produce some amazing results for you and your home. Quality sofa cleaning can improve the indoor air quality of your home, reduce allergens, and extend the life of your furniture when done properly. That’s right, we offer more than your average furniture cleaning services.

Furniture Cleaner – Why Choosing the Right Sofa Cleaner is important

A bad upholstery cleaner product or a poorly trained technician can easily and quickly create permanent damage to your furniture. This is because the chemicals in your average couch cleaner is not made for all types of fabrics.

Upholstery fabrics vary widely in construction and in fiber content and weave. Understanding the first step and effective professional furniture cleaning is important to protecting your sofa and chairs. Incorporating the correct techniques and procedures, such as steam cleaning, will ensure a thorough cleaning and quick drying time while eliminating any potential for bleeding, browning, shrinkage, fabric distortion and other common problems.

Carpet and Professional Upholstery Cleaning vs Do It Yourself

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Professional upholstery cleaning

Cleaning Upholstery correctly requires significant knowledge and training. Most local carpet and upholstery cleaners are not certified (see www.iicrc.org). Our professional couch cleanings services have both IICRC Certified Journeyman and Master Textile Cleaners with years of experience in professional upholstery cleaning. We are the best upholstery cleaning company near you with such credentials and experience.

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